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Instrument Reservation System


Inside the Building 85 Complex

Instructions below provide access to the instrument reservation system from within the building 85 complex.  The building 85 complex includes all of the Department of Chemistry and the NMR Center.

 Windows Users

Download the reservation system to your desktop here:



Mac Users

Access the reservation system by following these steps:

1) Open an X11 window (this may be on the Dock by default, or you may have to use Finder to locate the application).

2) Open a secure-shell to the computer named by executing the following command:

ssh -Y

3) The reservation system may then be started by executing the following command:


4) The reservation system should start up and present the login dialog box.


Outside the Building 85 Complex

For access to the reservation system from outside of the building 85 complex, including off-campus, please follow the instructions in the documents below.

Establishing a VPN Connection

Using the NMR Reservation System


Last Updated: 4/17/17