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Undergraduate Staff

Meet our awesome undergraduates!  The D.M. Grant NMR Center oversees a staff of undergradute research assistants that support the daily functions of the Center and partcipate in the research of Dr. Peter Flynn. 



Ellora Staker

Major: Chemistry

Ellora is from Pleasanton, California and joined the Flynn lab in 2016.  In her free time, she enjoys running races, Walstad style freshwater aquariums and going to music shows. 


Carter Bruett

Major: Cell and Molecular Biology, Minor: Chemistry

Outside of the lab, Carter loves to cook, read, and tend his indoor garden of house plants. He is a huge Marvel Studios fan and has watched Captain America: Civil War at least thirty times.  Once he graduates, Carter would eventually like to study Oral Pathology.  

Check out Carter's poster: NMR Assignments of Vanilin 


Rhyan Moffitt

Major: Chemistry 

Check out Rhyan's poster: NMR Assignments of isoamyl acetate 


Marisol Zarate 

Major: Chemistry 

Check out Marisol's poster: NMR Assignments of cinnamaldehyde 



Last Updated: 4/17/17