NMR Assignment Posters

Undergraduate research assistants in the D.M. Grant NMR Center use a series of 1 and 2-dimensional NMR experiments to make structural assignments to different compounds.  These projects are great examples of how to use basic NMR to resolve a variety of structural uncertainties. 



NMR Assignments by Russell Davis

uses 1H, 13C, gCOSY, gHMBC, gHMQC and DEPT


cinnamaldehyde molecule

NMR Assignments by Marisol Zarate

uses 1H, NOESY, gCOSY, 13C, gHMQC and DEPT experiments 

ethyl trans-crotonate


NMR Assignments by Morgan Stinson 

uses 1H, 13C, gCOSY, gHMQC, gHMBC and DEPT experiments


isoamyl acetate

isoamyl acetate

NMR Assignments by Rhyan Moffitt

uses 1H, 13C, gCOSY and gHMQC experiments



NMR Assignments by Sarah Clair 

uses 1H, 13C, gCOSY, DEPT. gHMQC and gHMBC experiments 


menthol molecule

NMR Assignments by Morgan Stinson

uses 1H, 13C, NOESY, gHMQC and DEPT

strawberry aldehyde

strawberry aldehyde

NMR Assignments by Zane Blank

uses 1H, 13C, gHMQC, DEPT and gHMBC experiments


vanillin molecule

NMR Assignments by Carter Bruett

uses 1H, 13C, DEPT, gHMQC, gHMBC and gCOSY experiments 


NMR Assignments by Russel Davis

uses 1H, 13C, gHMQC, DEPT, gCOSY and NOESY experiments 


2-ethyl indanone

ethyl indanone molecule


NMR Assignments by C. Austin Service 

uses 1H, 13C, COSY, gHMQC and DEPT experiments



NMR Assignments by C. Austin Service

uses 1H, 13C, gCOSY, DEPT and gHMQC experiments 



Last Updated: 1/8/18