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Solid-State NMR

The NMR Center is home to two older ChemMagnetics NMR solid-state instruments operating at 200 MHz (1H) and 400 MHz (1H).  These instruments were installed in the late 1980’s but remain completely operational. Both systems support standard CP/MAS experiments with high power 1H and X-low-band operation. The instruments were designed to carry out magic-angle turning experiments that provide high-precision measurements of chemical shift tensors (e.g. slow-turning FIREMAT experiments), which can provide unique structural information.

The 200 MHz instrument is equipped with probes that support 5 mm and 7.5 mm rotors with turning speeds of approximately 12 kHz and 7.5 kHz respectively. The 400 MHz instrument is equipped with a 7.5 mm probe that supports maximal turning speed of approximately 7.5 kHz. The emphasis of these instruments has been and remains magic-angle slow turning experiments in which rotational frequencies are typically less than 2 kHz. In February of 2009 a new digital console was added to the laboratory that provides access to the standard range of multidimensional/multinuclear CP/MAS experiments for the instrument operating at 200 MHz (1H).

For consultation regarding solid-state NMR, please contact Peter Flynn, Director of the NMR Center, at

FIREMAT reference: Alderman, D. W.; McGeorge, G.; Hu, J. Z.; Pugmire, R. J.; Grant, D. M. Mol. Phys. 1998, 95, 1113



Last Updated: 7/13/19