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Undergraduate Staff

Meet our awesome undergraduates!  The D.M. Grant NMR Center oversees a staff of undergradute research assistants that support the daily functions of the Center and partcipate in the research of Dr. Peter Flynn. 



Ellora Staker

Ellora is from Pleasanton, California and joined the Flynn lab in 2016 as is majoring in Chemistry.  In her free time, she enjoys running races, Walstad style freshwater aquariums and going to music shows. 


Riley Pence

Riley is a chemistry major from Logan, Utah pursuing a career in medicine. In his free time he enjoys petting his dog and exciting atomic nuclei. When there are no dogs or magnets around, he spends his time learning to watercolor.


Erika Feten

Erika is a Chemistry major who joined the lab in August 2017. She is from Colorado Springs and enjoys hiking and skiing in her free time.


Aryana Vadipour 

Aryana is a chemistry major from Salt Lake City that joined the Flynn group in December 2017. She likes running and listening to indie alternative music, looking at pictures of dogs, as well as playing board/card games with her friends.


Kevin Alvarez

Kevin is working on two Majors in Chemistry and Physics, with an emphasis in Biology and Biomedical Physics, respectively. His family is from Lima, Peru and Coahuila, Mexico. Kevin joined the Flynn lab in March 2017, and his dream is to one day attend medical school.  When not in school or studying, he enjoys snowboarding, rock climbing, camping, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. 



Last Updated: 7/13/19