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D.M. Grant NMR Center


Be nice to the magnets and they will be nice to you.

Welcome to the D.M. Grant NMR Center

Welcome to the web pages of the D.M. Grant NMR Center at the University of Utah. The NMR Center is a key resource of the University of Utah, that supports the needs of the research community by supplying access to state-of-the-art NMR instrumentation. The NMR Center currently has two instruments operating at 500 MHz (1H), with a number of NMR probes that support acquisition of NMR spectra for all of the common nuclei (1H, 13C, 2H, 31P, 19F, 10B, etc). An 800MHz instrument has recently been installed that supports state-of-the-art high field liquid and solid state NMR-based research.


Watch the AS 800/54 Quench.

Last Updated: 8/19/16